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PE and School Sport Funding 

Over the last two academic years Bishop Martin have received a total of £17,710 to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport in school. In the 2014/15 academic year our school was allocated £8880 and in 2013/14 the allocation was £8830.

From the outset the school committed to match funding, as a minimum the Sports Premium grant in order to capitalise strategically on the centrally devolved allocation with a view to ensuring sustainable long term benefits beyond the period of the additional funding. The aims being:

  • To utilise the subject specific skills of dedicated sports coaches to develop and enhance those of the teachers in relation to PE.
  • To employ a dedicated sports coach directly onto the school staff.
  • To broaden the range of sports studied in PE lessons and offered extra-curricular.
  • To raise the profile of PE within school and increase participation beyond the timetabled day
  • To raise awareness of physical activity, including participation in sports as a key component of a healthy lifestyle.
  •  To increase the school’s success in sporting competitions
  • To identify children gifted and able in PE and signpost them to clubs and training institutions who can support their future development.

In order to achieve our aims the funding was used to provide the following:

  • WLSSP (West Lancs School Sports Partnership) coaches
  • Additional swimming sessions
  • New PE equipment
  • Subsidised funding for specialist sports coach

From 2013 to 2015 Bishop Martin Primary School used its PE and Sport funding strategically to enhance teachers subject knowledge across five of the six key areas of PE including; dance, gymnastics, striking and fielding, invasion games and athletics. Teachers attended PE lessons taught by WLSSP coaches who had excellent subject knowledge, used correct vocabulary and activities specifically designed to improve skills and  to develop a better understanding of the subject. In addition to this WLSSP coaches modelled an effective method of assessing pupil’s progress in PE and worked alongside teachers to complete these assessments. We have since adapted their assessment procedure to suit our school and the needs of the children, ensuring they comply with the new national framework for PE. WLSSP ran many clubs across both key stages allowing children to further enhance their skills. An impact was seen after the first year of having WLSSP coaches as school received the Bronze mark for PE and Sport.

In addition to using WLSSP coaches, in the 2014/15 academic year Bishop Martin Primary School employed Mrs J Tuffs as an additional PE specialist based in school. Mrs Tuffs had an immediate positive impact within school as children and staff looked to her as a sports mentor. Mrs Tuffs taught one lesson of PE per week to each class, ran numerous sports clubs both at dinner times and after school and attended many sports competitions with the children. Children made a marked improvement in sporting competitions out of school in the 2014/15 academic year finishing much higher in the leagues tables and winning several competitions including Athletics at Robin Park. We went on to achieve the Gold Mark for PE and Sport in the 2014/15 academic year.

Connections have been made with various clubs and sporting societies within the area and several able children have been directed to them e.g. Running. Our local high schools, including the specialist sports college have commented positively on the improved skills of our pupils on transition to them.  

In preparation for the withdrawal of WLSSP coaches, an audit was carried out on the stock of PE equipment and subsequently new equipment was ordered. Additional equipment was purchased to support Sports Day which was a huge success especially with the children and their parents, with many parents commenting on the high level of skills on show.

In the Spring term of 2014/15 the PE subject leader carried out a teacher audit which concluded that the majority of teaching staff now feel much more confident teaching PE effectively to their class and have a deeper understanding of each of the key areas. Those areas that teachers did not feel fully secure in teaching will be developed in the 2015/16 academic year with the support of Mrs Tuffs and the PE subject leader.

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