Bishop Martin C.E. Primary School
What People Say About Us


“Bishop Martin – it’s a place you want to be every day”

“The teachers have helped me when I’m stuck, they are always there”

“The staff are very polite, very kind and so nice”

“This school is great because they helped me achieve my goals”

“Bishop Martin – a fun place to learn respect and have fun”

“The teachers inspire me to do my work”

“I enjoy doing all the activities”


“I have heard lovely feedback from friends of the school and feel strongly about them attending here”

“The staff at school understand children’s needs and come up with strategies to help children on a day to day basis”

“Well done Bishop Martin for achieving high standard education as always”

“The transformation of my Grandson is truly amazing; all of this has been achieved by the wonderful team at Bishop Martin School”

“Since joining Bishop Martin, my granddaughter has excelled in her education. I am looking forward to the next year and seeing how much more she will progress and the fascinating themes that will be worked on”.

“My sons report was excellent; this shows the commitment and hard work both by my son and all the teaching staff at the school. Thank you to everyone at Bishop Martin that has helped my son throughout the years.”

“The school support of my child has been outstanding both educationally and socially”.

“It’s a great school full of great children and fabulous staff”

External Teachers

“A lovely school to come to”

“Everyone is so welcoming”

“I’m often sat in a cold corridor but its lovely to work here, everything is so ordered and calm”

Other Agencies

"We work in a very diverse geographical area with a huge variation of need, but the care and attention you offer your children and families is the best possible care that can be afforded to them".

"Children who attend Bishop Martin Primary school are well cared for, well supported and encouraged to become the best that they can be. It is rewarding to see how our communities thrive and flourish with your early interventions and support".

(School Nursing Team)


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